Women More Likely to be Raped in Norway Than in Congo?

At least that’s close to what my (although not very deep) analysis seems to suggest.

This report suggests one in ten Norwegian women got raped: http://www.regjeringen.no/pages/38635924/NKVTS_vold-voldtekt-2014.pdf

They surveyed men and women between ages 18 and 75. They found that 1,1% of the men reported being raped, and 9,4% of women, which is about one in ten. ( Here it is in English)

A few months ago I was reading National Geographic, and found an article talking about the Democratic Republic of Congo and how much of a hellhole it is for everyone but the warlords. Something caught my attention. It stated that in 2007, the estimate number for female rape victims was over a million. And this page provides an estimate of 200 000 (I guess the topic is under-researched and under-resourced). Here  it says that in 2010, population was 65 966 000, with a 0.99 male/female ratio for ages 15-64. 51,1% of the population were in that age range in 2010. That means there were about 16 939 000 15-64 females in 2010. If a million of them is raped, we have a rape statistic of about 6%. Smaller than the statistic for Norwegian women 18-75. Some sources  say around closer to 2 million Congolese women have been raped, so 12%. It’s more than in Norway, but not by far. Surprising that the difference between the non-violent, feminist, wealthy Norway and violent, non-feminist poor Congo would be so little.

So what’s going on? Is Congo not as bad as we think? Or is Norway secretly horrible to live in? Or perhaps I made some mistake? Are surveys in Congo underestimating the rapes? Or are Norwegians counting as rape things that aren’t rape (a normal thing for a Western feminist)?

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15 Responses to Women More Likely to be Raped in Norway Than in Congo?

  1. tteclod says:

    An Islam-friendly website provides a careful analysis. If you can read Norwegian, you can examine the original police report in detail.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Oh, which link is that? (the islam friendly website)

    • James Versluis says:

      The “debunking” by the mohhamedan was interesting: it basically said “Yeah, the Oslo report was right, but it was small”. Then the only total report (over all of Norway) admitted that 48.1% of the rapes were by (CIA World factbook numbers: only 2% non-Sami European extraction) non-European men. So, by the “debunker”s own admission, they’re about twenty five times overrepresented by rape. Meaning they rape a chick twenty five times as much. That seems about right.

      All I did was take the number *he* used: 51.9% white dudes are part of the overall rapes, not the Oslo “assault rapes”. That makes the non-white number 48.1%. That means the rest aren’t white dudes, unless white chicks in Norway are surprisingly mean. These are all *his* numbers except the CIA world factbook number (because none of his links bothered to go into overall numbers of comparative demographics, for the obvious reason that it would make muslims look bad).

      So basically this intrepid intellectual debunker just made muslim men look like animals, and then goes on to blame it all on the Jooooooos. Because we all know Jews make muslim men rape white bitches.

  2. curious55 says:

    I was wondering about Sweden and Norway’s rape rate.

    I wish someone made a good analysis.

    I see two very different causes:

    One the feminist re-definition of rape. Everything is rape. Broken condom rape, tipsy because of 3 beers rape, statutory rape, false rape accusations, etc. So these are feminist defined rapes, often consensual and mostly harmless. But harmful for the accused male..

    The second one is politically even more incorrect: immigrants. I understand Sweden and Norway got huge numbers of Muslim and Black asylum seekers that transformed parts of the cities into dangerous criminal no go zones. I also understand that all cases of forcible rape Oslo (?) were perpetrated by immigrants. So this would be real forcible violent rapes.

  3. infowarrior1 says:

    Essentially muslim immigrants are waging jihad according to them by raping and pillaging the society that they hold in contempt.

  4. Eric says:

    I would say more likely, that Norway is over-reporting rapes. To feminists, all sex is really rape; that’s how they come up with absurd statistics like the ones we hear in the US that ‘1 in 4 college women are rape victims’.

  5. cecil says:


    That’s the issue:

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  7. shagan1962 says:

    Western men will always be skeptical of rape statistics as long as feminist inflate them. http://www.mediaradar.org/research_on_false_rape_allegations.php

  8. Over 90% of all rapes in Norway are committed by Norwegian men. But 10 times as many rape cases reported to the police against immigrants end in a conviction. I lived in Norway for 3 years, that country is corrupt and disgusting. The majority of rape cases reported against Norwegian men never even go to trial. The VIOLENT rape rate is considerably higher for immigrant men. (mostly Muslims). Norwegian men frequently commit one of the various forms of statutory rape or date rape. They drug girls, take advantage of intoxicated girls (including adding alcohol to already alcoholic drinks, giving them stronger alcohol, etc). A lot of the so called rape in Norway is not physical forced but mental and emotional intimidation, etc. Most often by much older men (20s and 30s) seeking out younger girls (anywhere from 12 to 16). There used to be an article in English about it from one of the former anti-rape organizations in Norway. They are a disgusting culture.

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