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Why Pedophilia is Not a Disease

I don’t believe pedophilia is a disease. The reason why I don’t believe pedophilia is a disease, is because it does not inherently hurt the “sufferer”. Nowadays, we have a tendency to define someone as sick when they do terrible … Continue reading

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Are Manosphere Women like Male Modern Feminists?

How similar are they? It’s hard for me to tell, as I’ve only been inside one of the movements/blogospheres. But for what it’s worth, here’s my experience. Manosphere hates male feminists even more than they hate the female ones. Online … Continue reading

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The Advantages of Being a Public Loser

1)      You are relatable. Other losers like it when you speak publically about the problems losers usually have and call you brave for admitting your loserdom. Having loyalty of losers is less useful than having loyalty of powerful people, but … Continue reading

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The Pedophile Experience

As strange as it is, nowadays you can admit to having been raped or molested, and experience an increase in social status. If you do it very publically, you’ll be called brave, strong, and maybe even a hero. I mean … Continue reading

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