Link time!

1. What Social Science Studies Should We Trust?

One study says feminists have better relationships, another says men who do chores have less sex. Whom to believe? Find out here:

And in general, I’m obviously not the only one who noticed that social and psychological sciences can be soft and unreliable:

“When can biological and psychological sciences be believed? When their  results and claims have been demonstrated and replicated by multiple independent teams of researchers, repeatedly, and with large samples.”:

2. Good News – If You’re Tired of Debating Feminists, You Don’t Have To:

Why arguing with a True Believer is useless, unless you do it in public:

3.To Be Yourself – Or not?

The trap of “just Being Yourself” – why hold onto traits and habits that hold you back?

On the other hand, having a core identity is good. Brainwashing starts with attack on your identity. Then come the accusations, shaming. And then they tell you that to survive, you must confess:

4. Black Knighting

Some MRAs and manosphere writers think it’s good to black knight and turn feminist rape laws on women themselves. Others think it’s wrong and impractical:

5. Spanking  – Fun vs. Duty, Gender Equality vs. Gender Polarity:

How to Beat your Girlfriend or Wife and Get Away With It: (tongue in cheek). And here’s an AVfM response to it: Seriously, is it just me or they took it way too seriously?

6. Cat

Last, but not least, here’s my cat. See how cute he is.

Bruce pics 017



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6 Responses to Link time!

  1. Eric says:

    1.) “One study shows that feminists have better relationships.”
    True, if their relationships aren’t with men.
    “Men who do chores have less sex.”
    It’s hard to feel like a man in bed after feeling like a woman in the kitchen.

    2.) Thank God.

    3.) “The trap of just being yourself. Why hold on to traits that are undesirable?”
    This could be dangerous though if you live in a community full of morons! LOL

    4.) LOL EW likes a spirited debate and that was one the best he had in awhile!

    5.) It’s not just you: they took it too seriously and made themselves look like even bigger chumps than Forney. LOL

    6.) Awesome—that should make Futrelle jealous knowing that MRAs even have better-looking cats!

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Lol, I was thinking of Futrelle when posting the cat. But he doesn’t have monopoly on them, so there is that.

      I’ve been reading Forney for a while and this seems like his typical outrageous-sounding article with some truth hidden beneath. I’m not surprised people react, but the main AVfM objection to it was too much like the feminist argument “But men and women’s desires are so unegalitarian”.

      • Eric says:

        Part of me suspects that Forney wrote that article to bait the AVfM guys into reacting just like they did and show themselves for what they are. The MHRM guys show they have ZERO understanding of gender-polarity.

      • emmatheemo says:

        I think he wants to bait everyone who’ll care to be offended. Mostly feminists I would think. AVfM becoming baited is probably an unfortunate by-product and result of their own similarities with the feminists.

  2. bo jangles says:

    I don’t think Matt Forney’s article is tongue in Latin america that would be a standard Man’s guide to getting along with women(and from what I’ve read, in Eastern Europe as well). My current Venez. gf loves being spanked and really wants to try being tied up. She sends me naked fotos saying.”This is all yours”-ownership and submission are considered to be very feminine there. I think this was more how American relationships were say 60 years ago.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Well, I saw it as tongue in cheek because the title says “How to BEAT your woman and get away with it”. And once you get angry and start reading, it’s just about spanking. Normal people don’t consider spanking to be real beating 🙂

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