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Rape is not merely “sex without consent”

I was recently told by someone who is against feminism that this video shows real rape. I want to explain why it’s false. 1.Rape is not merely “sex without consent”. It is surprising to me that someone who is against … Continue reading

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”13 year olds are not ready for sex”

One argument for a high age of consent that seems to come up is that teenagers aren’t ready for sex. And it’s true – many teens are ready, and many aren’t. I wasn’t ready, I thought the idea of sex … Continue reading

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Where to find a good incel guy to date?

Recently I got this comment under my post “Good Reasons to Fuck and Omega or a Lesser Beta Male”: “I know I’m obviously a little late in reading/commenting on this, but I’m wondering if you know a good place to … Continue reading

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