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Calling the Opponent Crazy is a Dishonest Way to Invalidate Their Point

I noticed feminists and manosphere writers are calling each other crazy, emotionally damaged, complete with fake pity and condescension. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious the writer is just being a jerk on purpose and wants to damage that person’s reputation. Other … Continue reading

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Confession # 1: Saying Sorry

When I get irritated at an acquaintance and snap, I apologize to them. But what it really is, is an apology to myself. I feel I should have had better control over the expression of my emotions, and not let … Continue reading

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That’s It, I’m Gonna Become a Nerd (+ about Girls in Tech)

My Gender Studies book said something I actually agreed with: that both at home and at work, women avoid tampering with technology if something breaks, and instead let a man fix it. The book says technology tends to “freeze” gender … Continue reading

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My Education Wasn’t Useless

In this post  I said my education in STEM was useless. But I’m not sure I agree with that anymore. First of all, a friend of my mom’s had a theoretical STEM education too, and still got a job in … Continue reading

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