Cool Links

  1. Roosh explains what a SJW is: – very interesting, until he starts with mental illness accusations again.

“SJW’s do not believe in objectivity. Instead, speech and ideas must be viewed relatively depending on the source and its intended audience. The feeling of the statement must also be taken into account, which can be affected by current news, cultural moods, and pop trends.”

  1. The Face of Sex-Trafficking:

“He didn’t advertise her on Backpage or any other site used by sex workers, but by contacting people personally.  Though the rescue industry’s professional victims entrance their salivating audiences with tales of daily parades of dozens of callous, uncaring men oblivious to their plight, the very first man who answered Singh’s advert was disgusted by what he found and refused to participate.”

  1. Ian Ironwood rises an interesting question about the friendzone: if men feel entitled to sex, doesn’t it mean women feel entitled to friendship?

“That’s what Female Social Entitlement is: the expectation of an alliance based on an unreciprocated sexual interest.  It’s a shit-test of the highest order, and women know it.  Indeed, to her mind, rejecting a LJBF shit-test is both a criticism of her worthiness and – as a result – her hamster must reconcile such a rejection with her own sense of self-worth (usually hyperinflated) by denigrating the male who dared reject her gracious offer of friendship.”

IMO no one has to be judged as feeling entitled to anything. In the friendzone situation, the sexes want different things and have different expectations of each other, but don’t understand how the other person thinks.

  1. Artist makes illustrations that help women fight prejudice:


    I’m sure many people here would make fun of them, but I didn’t think they were bad or annoying, save for a few that I found silly. Inevitably, some people made jokes such as this one in response:

    “Jack had depression. An he decide to shoot head off. Don’t worry Jack it’s your head , just take gun and shoot :-)”

    That makes me wonder. What would male version of this look like?

  2. Both men and women are “tricking” each other into performing their preferred mate behavior:

“And, if you view that as “tricking”, then consider that we’re also “tricking” men. A lot of K-selected men aren’t what we most desire. However, some r-selected men are willing to adopt a K-selected strategy for the sake of a woman who makes life with her too comfortable to not stay and too inconvenient to leave. And some K-selected men can develop r-selected personality traits around women who show themselves as needing a leader, as being weaker than we actually are. If finding r-selected women and making yourself look good to them is “tricking”, then so is finding r-selected men and making ourselves irresistible or finding K-selected men and encouraging them to act like they’re r-selected.”

  1. Interview with David Buss about evolutionary psychology. He answers, among other things, some criticisms of evolutionary psychology. Lengthy, but worth it:
  2. Interesting new movie: It’s about a guy who runs away from a coming avalanche, leaving his kids and wife behind. Nobody is hurt. But the relationship is never the same. The creator of the movie (Ruben Østlund) says it might provoke divorces in real life.
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8 Responses to Cool Links

  1. Liz says:

    “Artist makes illustrations that help women fight prejudice…”
    Don’t worry if you’re a fat, hairy, slut covered in large tattoos…just be your own awesome selfie! Smell bad too!

    I don’t think there is a male equivalent to this, Emma. Well, there is…but it would only apply to transvestites or guys with unusual (but approved!) fetishes.

    • emmatheemo says:

      “Don’t worry if you’re a fat, hairy, slut covered in large tattoos…just be your own awesome selfie! Smell bad too!”

      Lol, indeed. The only problem is that most women don’t want to be this way. Perhaps she should make a card for fit women, women who use plastic surgery, and women who wait until marriage to even it out…

      I imagine a male illustration would have a guy who doesn’t want to get married, have a career that pays well, and move out of his mom’s basement 😉

  2. photoncourier says:

    In the world that actually exists, “Susan” (which is unlikely to actually be her name) quite likely wears a hijab because she fears (at a minimum) community osctracism, and in many places physical violence.

    David Foster

    • emmatheemo says:

      Even if she lives in the West? A lot of these girls do say that they choose to wear hijab because of their values, and not out of fear.

      • Liz says:

        If she lives within a Muslim community in the West there can be a lot of pressure and social ostracism. A lot of Muslim communities live in a type of self-imposed isolation in Europe (not so much the US).

      • emmatheemo says:

        Hmm, could be true. But even so, many of them seem to come out and say that they prefer to wear the hijab on their own. Thoughts?

  3. :-p says:

    I love Dave Buss and his Just So Stories

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