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”If you don’t like Norway, why don’t you just go back where you came from?”

I’m writing this post in response to this argument, and in case I encounter it again. You see, I don’t think people who tell me this really believe their own words. Would they say the same to people who had … Continue reading

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A Warm F*ck You to the Tax Authorities

I’m done. I created my own little company, since I couldn’t get a job for over a year, and not for the lack of trying. But now that I’ve gone through a tax course today, I’m TRULY done. There is … Continue reading

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“For feminists, reality itself is oppressive”

After I read this article ( ), I remembered something Yohami once told me: “For feminists, reality itself is oppressive”. I would say it’s true, but men end up being blamed, instead of reality. I would also say it’s not … Continue reading

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Jolie Laide: When She’s Both a Beauty and a Beast

Jolie laide is a French expression, directly translated as “beautiful ugly”, and is used to describe someone who is unconventionally attractive. Not everyone who’s called jolie laide is impressive to me, but I have my personal favorites. Unlike my “Most … Continue reading

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