”If you don’t like Norway, why don’t you just go back where you came from?”

I’m writing this post in response to this argument, and in case I encounter it again.

You see, I don’t think people who tell me this really believe their own words. Would they say the same to people who had different objections?

“So you were bullied in school for your Pakistani background. Why not go back where you came from?”

“So your demented granma was placed in restraints by psychiatric workers for three days, and died. Why not go back where you came from?” (btw, this does happen here).

“So racial segregation is the law where you live. Why not stop with your speeches and go back to Africa?”

I can guarantee you the same people would sing a different song if things were not the way they liked them. So why is it so surprising that I might have objections to the way things are done?

This also begs the question – would I magically become more right, if I was ethnically Norwegian? Would Norwegianness add IQ points?.. Let me tell you something – I don’t have many of the voting rights, because I don’t have a Norwegian passport. I can vote locally, but not nationally. I accept that. But seriously, I can’t even vocally express my political opinion because I’m not officially Norwegian? How about wealth – would I magically become more right if I earned a ton of money and paid 50% of it in tax? Lol, nah, then my tax&bureaucracy hate will be interpreted as typical rich girl greediness, and my antifeminism would still be called “internalized misogyny”.

Be grateful for what Norway gives you and shut up”.

That’s another one I know and love. That person didn’t put it in those words, but it’s exactly what it means. That’s how things are run around here, and if you got any benefits at all from the Norwegian state, then stop complaining and be happy! Again, I don’t think these people believe their own words. Was confiscation and murder by communists in Soviet Union okay just because communism produced a bunch of free public services? Is gang activity okay just because they offer protection in return for loyalty (or else)? Is it okay for cops to come in and rape your daughter, just because they are paid for by the taxpayers, and protect you from robbers and other rapists? Hey, that’s how things are run around here, and since you benefit from many social goods, get used to it!

And even if this argument was true, it would apply for everyone here. Everyone gets some sort of redistributed social goods here, AND in lots of other countries that have internet. If someone ever remember themselves attacking me with this “Be grateful and shut up” argument, they have to be prepared to stay quiet if their own country does something they don’t like. But I know people won’t listen to that – they just want to say their own opinion, but want to hypocritically invalidate mine.


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16 Responses to ”If you don’t like Norway, why don’t you just go back where you came from?”

  1. infowarrior1 says:

    Delete my comment. Was responding without properly reading the article.

  2. I saw a youtube video, but I depend on the translation as I did not understand the Norwegian. You are the specialist: is it true, that the police chief of Oslo declared, publicly, a few years ago:

    that all rapes that happened in Oslo in the last few years were perpetrated by people with migratory background!?

    If it is true that all the PC politically correct invitations to foreigners cause great suffereing to the Norwegian people?

    In addition to those people causing other crimes, being really expensive in the sense of life long welfare dependency, large number of offspring that does not have any success in school and will be life long welfare dependents. Why should Norwegians work their a.. off to feed these people?

    Finally, why are people be rewarded for illegally jumping borders? I pointed this out in a post. Strangely enough, a minister of the German government suggested the same: to process asylum seekers in Africa and then bring them to Europe.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Human2stupidity, this is all very interesting, but I think you’ve misunderstood the article. This is not about foreigners being right about everything, and being sugar & spice and everything nice. It’s about resisting hypocrties who invalidate your arguments by taking your social status into account when arguing you. Like in case the social status is “immigrant”. Do you think it’s correct to do that? If an immigrant says “I think you guys should legalize buying of sex, cuz your laws hurt men and prostitutes”, is it valid logic to say “If you don’t like the way things are run, go back where you came from”? I just think it’s arrogance and lazy debating. It’s equally arrogant and lazy to say “You’d be nothing without Norway, so shut up”. I explain why, in my post. Please read it.

  3. Your argument cherry picks harassment of immigrants by Norwegians. What about immigrants protesting that the free food they get is not halal, and that Norwegian schools have co-ed swimming classes with girls in swim suits?

    Send ships, trains, to pick up migrants directly in Central America

    I am also shocked how the Europea, PC press totally distorts all the happenings in Ferguson. You can read about that in Human-Stupidity. What I did not yet write, the most shocking, is that Michael Brown’s mother committed felony assault and robbery on Michael Brown’s grandmother, her mother in law. Nevertheless the felonious mother of a felon robber was invited to speak in the United Nations against torture!??

    I have the impression that you are very well informed about PC-feminist crimes against male sexuality, but not at all about the PC “justified anger” against white opressor lies. It is all the same. Gender quotas, racial quotas. Excusing battered woman syndrome, excusing riots and looting due to anger over a felon strongarm robber being killed by police in self defense.

    • emmatheemo says:

      I don’t entirely understand your argument here. I’m merely pointing out that my opponents (who are usually PC) wouldn’t use the same logic if someone else had arguments against the way things are run. I believe anyone can make arguments against the way things are run, no matter their social standing, and their arguments are to be judged by their own merit, not by the social status of the arguer.

  4. Whites riot and loot in response to Black killing of a White man

    How do you know this is untrue? The same as you know the following is untrue and re-gendered

    Man acquitted for mutilating or killing his wife

    Almost exclusively non-whites, mainly Blacks engage in multi day and multi week riot, looting, burning orgies.

    With the exception of a few hooligans and leftist demonstrations, how much mass violence do you see in Europe? It is Blacks and Muslims who engage in large scale small violence and violent looting burning orgies.

    // Habitual criminality of Michael Brown, his parents and his Ferguson supporters whitewashed
    // Average Students need not apply. Swiss High Schools admit only brightest 20%
    // Michael Brown Ferguson Race Baiting Hoax Refuted // Racism disclaimer! Are we racist for citing statistics and research?

  5. meistergedanken says:

    So basically you are refusing to acknowledge the tribal nature of humanity. People are wired to not give much credence to the proclamations of an Outsider. In fact, they resent them.

    What you are doing is akin to criticizing the décor of a home you are a guest in. You may be correct: the furniture doesn’t match, and the wallpaper is tacky – but who are you to point that out? In a legal context, a judge would say you have “no standing”, so you can’t be a plaintiff in the case. Said another way: even though you write like an only child, haven’t you ever heard of someone saying how they make fun of and pick on their brother/sister, but no one else had better mess with them or they would be in big trouble? That’s because the family – tribe – sticks together against outsiders.

    This same mechanism was at play when that British twat Piers Morgan came over to America and then proceeded to lecture Americans repeatedly and tiresomely on guns, and how we should get rid of them. Well if he is so opposed to guns in America than why doesn’t he return to Britain where almost no one has them? Not surprisingly, after abysmal ratings his cable TV show got canceled. Even he acknowledged that he was “a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it.”

    People have good reason to be suspicious of outsiders who come in with all kinds of “helpful suggestions” even though they don’t belong. It reminds me of when Jews became a bigger presence in my home town, and christmas break got renamed as “winter break” and Santa Claus was taken out of the local department store, and the city threw out all its old “holiday lights” because they were red and bought new white ones that met with the approval of the two new Jewish councilmen who said that red was too exclusionary and made them feel “uncomfortable”. The natural human response is to say: “you know, you moved here because this is a good place to live and has an excellent school system. But then as soon as you get settled in you start making demands about things that must be changed to suit you better – who the hell do you think you are? Ever heard of assimilation?”

    Sometimes change has to be inspired and initiated by an insider (for example, in the U.S. there was a political saying “only Nixon could go to China”). Could Martin Luther King have achieved anything in the black community if he wasn’t black himself? The answer should be self-evident. The real question to pose to yourself is: do you actually want to be effective, or do you just want the satisfaction of being “right”? You want change? You want to criticize and point out faults? Then persuade your boyfriend to share your views and have him advocate for you. People might actually listen to him.

    In fact, I am surprised that with all the writing you have done on male-female interactions, you don’t touch more on how male spaces have been invaded and then changed to accommodate women – often for the worse. Vox Day, of course, has written about this frequently.

    Only someone with Aspergers would insist on telling “the Truth” (as they see it) to people all the time, and refuse to recognize the necessity for tact and nuance. I guess that’s a basic part of “emotional intelligence”?

    I guess the fact that you need to point out faults of Norway presumes that you think the natives are incapable of perceiving the faults themselves. Doesn’t that seem inherently insulting? At the very least I think it would make someone defensive and disinclined to heed you.

    I know that currently Europe is still laboring under the delusion that borders don’t matter, that citizenship of a country is a mere formality, that unregulated freedom of movement throughout the Eurozone is a cherished principle or civil right – but these times are ending. There is a reason that nationalist parties are rising in Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary and so on. People are tribal, and those feckless bureaucrats in Brussels are going to learn this the hard way sooner or later. And I suspect that you will learn it, too. Or, I suppose, learn to convincingly pass as a real Norwegian, not merely some interloper there for romantic reasons.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      “But then as soon as you get settled in you start making demands about things that must be changed to suit you better ”

      Most of what I say has nothing to do with suiting me better. In fact a lot of it can be said to be against my self-interest.

      ” The real question to pose to yourself is: do you actually want to be effective, or do you just want the satisfaction of being “right”?”

      I want to write whatever I want on my own blog, and be honest. If you haven’t noticed, the manosphere has a horrible reputation as it is. It’s not gonna help to pussyfoot around anything, if you don’t want to and don’t have much of an audience anyway. There ARE people who are much more moderate, more polite, and have much bigger audiences that I do. They are NEEDED. But those who are rude and blunt are also needed. Let people like Dr. Helen be nice and tell the message to the mainstream. And I will remain a part of the dark underbelly. People might not openly agree with me, but deep down they know I’m right.

      “Then persuade your boyfriend to share your views and have him advocate for you. ”
      He already does.

      “Only someone with Aspergers would insist on telling “the Truth” (as they see it) to people all the time, and refuse to recognize the necessity for tact and nuance. I guess that’s a basic part of “emotional intelligence”?”

      Oh please, a ton of people don’t have any tact around here, and people listen to them. What you are telling me right now is similar to “Just be your nice guy self” advice men get from women – sounds truthy and kinda intuitive, but is complete horseshit.

      “I guess the fact that you need to point out faults of Norway presumes that you think the natives are incapable of perceiving the faults themselves.”

      No, you are wrong. I NEVER said I hate Norway or think Norwegians are stupid. In fact many Norwegians agree with me. I don’t hate Russia either, even though I think it’s heading for a dark path when it comes to free speech and many other things. I just see real injustices. There is no where to go. ALL countries have them. ALL countries have power-hungry people who want to exploit others through unjust laws. Even Norwegians who disagree with me, I can respect if they are intellectually honest. But I don’t appreciate being told I’m a nothing, and being invalidated. And people who told me those things were not even all Norwegian.

      “And I suspect that you will learn it, too. Or, I suppose, learn to convincingly pass as a real Norwegian, not merely some interloper there for romantic reasons.”

      If it’s necessary for survival, I’ll do something. But right now, there is nothing to lose by appearing inhomogenous to the rest of the population. I gained nothing trying to fit in. Once an incentive appears, I’ll change tactic. Right now, no thanks.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      In fact… Unless you are Norwegian, the majority of people who threw this invalidation at me were NOT Norwegian. And most people who helped me in my time of need were actually Norwegian men. That’s pretty funny. I don’t think Norwegians need you to be offended on their behalf.

      • meistergedanken says:

        Uh, i’m not offended. I just wanted you to consider additional aspects of the situation and get a better understanding ofhuman nature. And i didn’t say you hated norway. You can love something/someone and still be aware of flaws. Sometimes I forget English is not your primary language.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Ok. There is no tone on the internet, I guess. But to be honest, your argument was hard to distinguish from the typical invalidation sometimes thrown my way, and also from concern trolling (which always has plausible deniability).

  6. Hail says:

    “would I magically become more right, if I was ethnically Norwegian?”

    Flip this question around, and you can understand that attitude.

    “Would the Norwegian ethnicity be alright if millions of non-Europeans were allowed to immigrate forever, and were housed, fed, clothed, and taken care of from cradle to grave by the state?”

    At some point in the future, that scenario of over-generosity means the end of Norway. There is no way to avoid this. After the number of hostile, low-productivity Third Worlders reaches a majority, the descent of Norway into the Third World would probably be completed. That is the path Norway is on right now. Any Norwegian who says “If you don’t like it, go home” reflects this fear. And why shouldn’t they?

    In your personal case, you are a European and seem to be a bright young woman, so the situation is not exactly fitting, and they know that, but the principle is what matters.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Right, I was not talking about people coming here and demanding to be given stuff . Asking this is unreasonable in itself, no matter who’s asking (which I think is one of the principles that matter) . I wouldn’t be so harsh on someone saying “Why don’t you just go back home”, if this was what they were responding to. I’d take it as a sign of reasonable frustration.

      But on the other hand.. I’d also wonder what that person was expecting. Norway has a certain reputation. It’s where you go if you want to get comfortable. Or to escape war, economic problems, violence… and get comfortable. When you frame comfort as a right, and start being generous with someone else’s money, don’t be surprised when newcomers view their comfort (and your money) as their right.

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