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My Interview With Robert Stark

On December 23rd I was interviewed by the journalist Robert Stark ( ) He asked me about why I call myself antifeminist, about my weird tastes and fetishes, my relationship with Eivind Berge and a little bit about the difference … Continue reading

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I Disagree With People Who are Defending the Torturers

I noticed that many people are defending torturers and think they did the right thing. Some of those defenders are from the military and use their jobs to justify the practice of torture. The argument is either that 1)Their jobs … Continue reading

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I Have My Own Style Blog

I wanted to start my own style blog, filled with photos of my clothes, my paperdolls, my embarrassing teenage fashion choices, stuff that inspires me and stuff I hate. The reason for this is that student life gradually ruined my … Continue reading

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There Is No Man That Can Shield You From the World

One red pill rule is that a man can’t be vulnerable in front of a woman, without lessening her love for him. It might be a gradual lessening, but it will happen. Here is what Morpheus from Just Four Guys … Continue reading

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Do Girls Give Up Easier?

When I read this article ( ) I started wondering if girls really give up easier when faced with a challenge (and if so, why). Well, reading psychology textbooks has paid off and I’ve found a potential answer. There are … Continue reading

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