I Have My Own Style Blog

I wanted to start my own style blog, filled with photos of my clothes, my paperdolls, my embarrassing teenage fashion choices, stuff that inspires me and stuff I hate. The reason for this is that student life gradually ruined my sense of style and made me dress like a dumpy tired single mother of five. Yes, in my teens, I actually used to be stylish and recognized as such by everyone. And now, even though I’m no longer a student, I still live with a sense of not having time to dedicate to my style. I work out and take care of my skin, but that’s about it.

How will I have time for this blog, with all the other hobbies (computer stuff, art, reading list)? I don’t know, but I can’t not do it. I gotta have everything at once 😉

It won’t be a Red Pill Woman sort of blog

While looks is something red pill women find very important, the blog is not entirely about that. I have some tastes that generally don’t overlap with the red pill stuff, and therefore I don’t wish to indulge in them on my regular blog. They will scare people, bore them, make them throw up, etc. 😉

One thing is, I like fatness. Each time someone in the manosphere posts a fat-related link and makes fun of it, I get the opposite feeling out of it. “Yay, fat people!” is the best description for it. While I don’t care for many common fat acceptance articles and the victimhood that comes with it, I enjoy it when fat people are in the media discussing fat-related issues. I also like fat fashion bloggers and the way they find clothes that really work for them. I don’t care for the politics, but I like the aesthetics. So in my new blog, I’ll have the opportunity to celebrate all that. Yeah, I know too much fat is unhealthy. But so are many other things we love 🙂 So there are tradeoffs when it comes to happiness and longevity.

Second thing, I want to have style again, not just look pretty and feminine (although those are still a part of the goal). That means some weird clothing choices and experimentation 😉 Not try-hard weird like Lady Gaga in her meat-dress though. But weird enough. I don’t always know if a new outfit looks cool or clownish.

Third, my biggest sources of inspiration are not usually fashion magazines or fashion bloggers. It’s movie characters, especially from horror movies. It’s like I wished to be a cosplayer, but never went all the way, instead settling for using characters as inspiration.

Fourth, I like ugliness. In that sense, I don’t fit in with the manosphere, since it views beauty almost on the same level as a moral principle. I also don’t fit in with feminists and SJWs, since they make ugliness a political thing, and don’t actually love it like I do.

Fifth, I like the mixture of the masculine and the feminine.

I don’t expect people who read this blog to also follow my new style blog. But if you’re into style, you might enjoy it. At least you might like seeing my bad fashion choices. And I won’t stop writing my political blog, just because I have a style blog 🙂

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5 Responses to I Have My Own Style Blog

  1. Liz says:

    Fun new site, Emma!
    I like it. 🙂

  2. Clarence says:

    You’re weird.
    But I like you anyway 🙂
    I’ll almost certainly be avoiding the GIRLY blog though.

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