My Interview With Robert Stark

On December 23rd I was interviewed by the journalist Robert Stark ( )

He asked me about why I call myself antifeminist, about my weird tastes and fetishes, my relationship with Eivind Berge and a little bit about the difference between Norway and Russia.

I’m a better writer than I am a talker, so if you follow this link ( ) you will get to listen to me somewhat awkwardly answer questions in a bass voice (seriously, other people say their voices get higher when they are nervous, so why not me?). But it was still fun for me, and I recommend you go check out Robert Stark’s site to listen to other interviews with fascinating people, and for discussion of controversial topics.

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10 Responses to My Interview With Robert Stark

  1. Scott Vater says:

    What uhhh…what’s up with that there audio ya have there? Sounds a little fucked up.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Is it fucked up? You know, I hate listening to my voice so much, that I didn’t look at the finished product. Mr. Stark was recording, so you’d have to ask him if something is strange. Other interviews I listened to on his site were just fine.
      Although our phone conversation got disconnected twice, so perhaps it’s that : /

  2. Liz says:

    Your voice is wonderful, Emma. And a good interview (so far, I’m only up to the first ten minutes, I’ll listen to the rest in a little while). With that accent, you could say just about anything and people will like it, though. 🙂
    Something that struck me when you mentioned your attraction to your boyfriend and the interviewer suggested most women don’t like “desperation”. I think he’s right…but not every incel is necessarily “desperate”. Frustrated, I’m sure, probably very pent up. A person who admits they haven’t been laid in a long time can almost come across as confident, and a “player” who pretends he gets laid left and right would sound comparatively desperate. I’ve known a lot of guys (in real life too) who talk a big game…some of them DO get laid all the time with lots of different women, but the one thing I wonder is why they feel the need to brag/talk about it so much? Seems kind of insecure.

    Anyway…this scene from Mad Man with Ginsberg kind of shows what I’m thinking of. He openly admits he’s a virgin, but (from my perspective, anyway) it doesn’t come across as desperate, but confident, honest, and secure.

    • Eric says:

      The fact that these players talk incessantly about getting sex shows that they’re preoccupied with it. I’d say they’re a lot more insecure than most INCEL men.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Funny scene 🙂 Regarding pent up feelings, I’m not sure whether it’s supposed to be attractive or not. I’ve been hearing all sorts of suggestions about it. Some red pill themed sites said that a man, hoping to get pity sex, is wrong to admit he’s a virgin, because then he’s committing sexual suicide in that partcular circle of friends. Maybe that’s why no man admits this publicly? I dunno. Other sites say that the best way to avoid being friendzoned is to show the girl you have a sexuality right away. No “friends first” business. Eivind has certainly done that correctly (in the past, it sometimes worked for him and sometimes not, but “friends first” was the least successful method of all). Yet on the other hand, we often hear that women view sexual attention from men selectively – a hot man’s attention is flattering, while an unhot man’s attention is creepy. So it’s an interesting question 🙂 Can brave displays of vulnerability give you bravery hotness points?

      I also agree that a guy bragging about his conquests would have to back his words up with substance, or risk being ridiculed. It’s similar to “strong independent women” 😉

  3. Eric says:

    Your voice is different than I imagined it, but wonderful nonetheless.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Thank you very much, even if you’re saying that just to be nice.
      What did you imagine btw? That can make a fun game – say what you think commenters look and sound like 😉 (unless they are public already)

      • Eric says:

        I’m not saying that just to be nice. LOL Your accent, BTW, sounded to me more Norwegian than Russian.

        I would have imagined your voice to have sounded somewhat like Ariana Grande’s.

        It is interesting the way that voices and pictures can be different. Have you ever listened to a person on the radio and what you imagined them to look like was totally different?

      • Emma the Emo says:

        I don’t speak Russian with a Norwegian accent yet, so I don’t know why my accent would sound Norwegian when speaking English 🙂

        I can’t recall listening to radio and imagining how someone looks like, as I tend to read blogs more than I listen to radio. But when I meet someone whose picture I saw, they tend to be smaller than I imagined, lol. I think because fame makes us seem bigger…

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