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Legal Incest Isn’t Wrong

You probably heard of this story: Daughter met her father after being estranged from him for 12 years, they have sex, and get engaged. I guess it makes some sense – he was never a proper father to her. … Continue reading

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“OK, You didn’t rape her, but this still left us with an unpleasant impression of you”

Once it was clear that the UVA gang rape story had no basis in reality, President Teresa A. Sullivan promised to lift the ban on Greek life activities, if fraternities signed a new contract with the school that is designed … Continue reading

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Western Men vs Russian Men

Recently I was watching those extreme makeover shows, where they take a tired old woman and make her look like a youthful fresh woman. I was surprised by certain differences between the English-speaking (Australian, British, American..) versions and the Russian … Continue reading

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