I Built a Computer

As you know, a few months ago I had the realization that for someone with such advanced scientific degrees with the word “technology” in the title, I didn’t have that many technological skills. Well, now I do have some, and feel really happy about that 🙂

Here is the computer:




Motherboard (which is quite tiny and looks a little lonely inside the cabinet):



Motherboard with CPU in it:


CPU with the cooler on it:


IO shield, the most aggravating part of building this computer:


I want to thank my boyfriend for helping me build through chat. This is the best kind of teacher – free, just as interested in the subject as you are, and totally untied to any other students who might take him away from your own learning time. And most importantly, you never feel stupid or bothersome for asking too many questions.

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22 Responses to I Built a Computer

  1. ты молодец! 🙂

    • Do you play games? I built my computer to view movies, do various office work and use the internet, so no extra graphic card. Plus cutting costs.

      What are specs? Name of the parts? 🙂

    • I can give you some specs though.
      Cabinet: Cooler Master HAF XB Evo
      Motherboard: Asus B85M-G Micro-ATX
      PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750W
      CPU: Pentium G3258
      16GB RAM
      240GB SSD
      Operating System: Linux Mint

  2. Liz says:

    That’s awesome, Emma! 🙂

    Seriously impressive. You mention “cutting costs”…how much did the whole thing set you back, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m wondering if my sons could do something like this….seems like a good project to learn a lot from.

    • Thanks, Liz 🙂 For me, the parts cost about a month’s welfare money, which is given to a person to use on everything except major bills such as rent and electricity. I remember that, because one month they delayed the money and I lived on other people’s scraps for a month. Then they realized the mistake and gave me 2-months’ money at once. It is also about the same amount of money as a regular laptop.

      However, my boyfriend gifted me some parts, which he used and had lying around. So technically, the computer cost about 40% more. I hear that’s how a lot of computes are built anyway – people find usable parts from their old computers or friends. So even if the computer is “technically” a certain price, it actually won’t set you back that much.

    • Oh, and you can save money by using the Linux operating system, instead of Windows. Linux is free 🙂

  3. Eric says:

    “I want to thank my boyfriend for helping me build through chat.”

    That’s what men are for! LOL

  4. pj says:

    I’ll be honest, that’s pretty pathetic. It’s just plugging components together. Did you even use a soldering iron? Yeah. Thought so.

    Face it. It’s a woman’s computer. It just makes you feel like you accomplished something without actually having to accomplish anything. Why would you set the bar so low? Try building a real piece of hardware from scratch and then come bacK to brag. Jesus murphy.

    • Hey, maybe I will 🙂 I am, after all, a beginner in all of this stuff. I did pretty well for a beginner, if I say so myself. But I do wonder… Do you usually go around telling beginners that their accomplishments mean nothing, because they haven’t learned everything right away?

    • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

      In fairness, building a modern computer isn’t that much of a challenge for a woman OR a man, so I’m not sure where this “woman’s computer” thing is coming from.

      Still, it’s more versatile than the people who buy a full system off the shelf. Now, if one of those individual $200 components breaks, she can replace it or upgrade it because she’s the one who installed it, as opposed to the bozos who pay $1500 for a whole new system when all they needed was maybe a bigger hard drive. Technology doesn’t change that fast. I only upgrade my system every few years, and the hard drives I’m running on right now were from maybe 10 years ago, so I saved money on them when I recently replaced my CPU, motherboard, and RAM. (The case and cooling fans are the same old ones too.)

    • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

      Also, on the sexism thing, I once had a male co-worker who sucked at soldering (even though he was supposedly an electrical engineer). He was basically a slob who got hired for his ultra-friendly personality.

      I’ve actually had many only semi-competent male co-workers, which dispelled in me the myth that all men are smart, logical, and technical. Many men, even ones with college degrees are pretty dumb. I’m not saying that women can’t be dumb too. I’m just saying to judge people individually.

      If all women were completely feminine, there would be no such things as lesbians and tomboys. Almost all of my math teachers in school were female (and math was my best subject, so I can tell you they were not stupid). My favorite chemistry teacher was a very confident female too.

  5. pj says:

    Maybe? We know what that means.
    And saying so for yourself? We see job applicants with the same attitude all the time. We just don’t waste time with them.

    It’s the quiet guys (and it’s always guys) who just do outstanding work on their own and by their basic nature we look for. They’re not common but they do exist.

    This here. It’s just embarrassing.

    • You sure seem to speak as if you know a lot about building computers. Got any accomplishments of your own to show me?

    • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

      I can’t reply to your other comment because it’s nested too deep, but I wanted to point out that men’s rights activists ARE the “manginas”, because they play the victim. Real men are not victims. Real men are either heroes or villains. In either case, they recognize that they are (usually) stronger than women and therefore have little reason to complain. It’s only a question of how they choose to use that power.

      Men don’t need to demand “rights” from anyone. Men are supposed to conquer. Conquerors define their own rights.

      Here’s some practical advice on the issue of rape. If you can’t convince the girl that you didn’t rape her, than you’re not very good at romance and/or sex.

  6. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    There’s an interesting little psychological detail here to apply to the issue of “gender equality” that feminism often brings up: Would a guy ever be comfortable asking his girlfriend for help building a computer (the way you asked your boyfriend)? I don’t think so. I think he would find it emasculating (at least I would). This is an example of how the supposed ideal of gender equality doesn’t always work.

    If I ever get help building a computer, it’s from another guy. It’s a big brother type thing. I can’t imagine asking a girl for help on a computer issue (even if she knows more than me). It (feminism) takes the fun and romance out of life. Call me an insecure misogynist. A little misogyny is natural.

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