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You Have To Learn To Cope With Choice And Freedom

Recently, Roosh wrote this : “People Should Not Be Allowed Unlimited Personal Freedom Most Americans, if you give them freedom and a life without restrictions, will almost certainly dive head-first into a life of absolute degeneracy and vice. They will … Continue reading

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How To Write Female Characters That Please Feminists

Looks like Joss Whedon was punished for not writing Black Widow in the way that feminists would approve of. When it comes to writing female characters, the same rules apply as when writing male characters. It’s not extra hard. A … Continue reading

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Is Jealousy Really a Negative Emotion?

When I was a kid, I stumbled upon the realization that jealousy feels good. I couldn’t understand why everyone was saying it’s a negative emotion. I was always into self-improvement and setting up high goals for myself, so seeing someone … Continue reading

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