My Awesome Granpa

I had one awesome granpa. While my other grandparents were good and talented in their own way, Dmitri Petrovich was the one that stood out as a role model to me. When I tell you about him, you will see why he was awesome, and why I (and maybe you 😉 ) would want to be like him.

1. He was a great captain

My granpa was a captain who transported building materials along rivers. He never had a single accident in his career. He also inspired people to follow his orders instead of using force or intimidation. He gave many alcoholics and abandoned teenagers a chance to work and rise above their situation, and they did.

2.He was an inventor

He designed and built devices to make river transport of products easier. While this isn’t as grand as inventing the lightbulb, it’s more than I can boast about right now.

3.He said no to death so many times

My granpa survived cancer, strokes, broken ribs and punctured lungs, childhood famine and being operated without proper anesthesia. I remember him as a calm, optimistic man. I think he was capable of simply refusing to die, as long as he had something to live for. What finally killed him was the stroke that happened only a few months after his wife’s death. They spent 61 years together.

4.His bedtime stories were the best

He always told me stories before sleep when I was a child. He made them up on the spot and they never seized to captivate me.

5.He was a sinewy badass, like Bruce Lee

He was neither too tall not too buff, but he had better strength and endurance than men much bigger than him. Also, one time a guy was threatening him, and granpa held him outside a window, threatening to drop if he didn’t stop it.

6.And yet, he was not an aggressive fellow.

As I said before, I remember him as a calm and optimistic guy. I think I have only seen him become angry twice in my life. He didn’t need anger – people were too embarrassed to disappoint him to ever allow for that possibility.

7.He was kind

He helped many men get their life back on track. And he once saved a drunk stranger from freezing death, by carrying him into a public building, away from the -40 degree weather. BabaiDeda BabaiDeda2 deda deda2 And I think he kinda looked like Mr. Spock. Or Mr. Spock looked like my granpa.

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13 Responses to My Awesome Granpa

  1. Liz says:

    That was awesome Emma! 🙂
    RIP, Dmitri Petrovich. Wow, what a man.

    Side note: Operated on without proper anesthesia? Eek. 😦

    [EDIT by EmmatheEmo: I misspelled my own granpa’s name 😦 I corrected it in my post and hope you don’t mind that I corrected it here, too. I am not used to my new keyboard]

  2. Ashley says:

    Sounds like an awesome man.

  3. Dragonfly says:

    Soooo amazing!!! Thank you for sharing about him.

  4. Eric says:

    That’s the kind of men boys should turn into; then the kinds of grandfathers men should turn into afterwards.

    Unfortunately, our culture has so degraded masculinity that Obama praises Bruce Jenner as a national hero; women look up to David Futrelle as a leader; and think creeps like Justin Bieber are sexy.

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