About Emma

IMG_7691rMy real name is Nataliya Kochergova Sergeevna.

I’m not as feminist as I thought.

In 2011 I met Eivind Berge, and discovered many things. Before that, I used to think I was a feminist, i.e. someone who is pro equality. But I have discovered that feminism isn’t just about that anymore, and hasn’t been for a long time.

I love horror movies

Even trashy ones like Human Centipede 2 ( it’s a masterpiece, btw). I’ve been watching them since I was a little kid.

I love making comics

I like to make adventure stories about junkies, with violence, gore, manosphere concepts and Satan. Might upload it here one day 😉

sonya_and_vich_2_by_emma888.jpg       hans_beckert_and_his_victims_by_emma888.jpg

I study materials science at University of Oslo

And it’s fun 🙂 It’s the science where you develop materials with cool properties, like thermoelectricity, ability to use light to make electricity, catalysts, etc.

I want it all

I’m into all kinds of science, picture art, comics, MRA stuff, fitness, history, exploration of human nature and feminism. I’d do more things if I had time. I’m kind of a scanner, but without the indecisiveness. I’m a jack of all trades, and a master of 8.

Explanations for some of my actions:

Why I am with Eivind Berge

Why I used to cut myself

Why call myself an antifeminist


30 Responses to About Emma

  1. Derek C says:

    Your blog is excellent.
    As a man, one of the biggest problems I have with the corner of the internet that deals with men and women, is that no matter what ideology is being expressed, it seems that all roads lead to the same destination: the inevitable, but awful, lowering of a man’s opinion of women.
    The PUA guys make a lot of decent points, often overstated, but eventually all that social manipulation and display of the symbols of alpha behavior leads to a general lack of respect for the women a man is pursuing. And the lower a man’s opinion of women goes, the better he does, the more sex he gets, and the lower his opinion goes, etc…until there feels to me like there is very little reward anymore, and I find it is not for me.
    The feminists, on the other hand, with their absolute insistence on the nature of their overall victimization, which dehumanizes them, and their insistence on the nature of the oppression of men, which dehumanizes them, also leads me, horribly, to a lowering of my opinion of women. Whether they make good points or not, it looks the same. Their refusal to even discuss the possibility that many issues may affect men as well, or men exclusively in some cases, for fear that their “victim privileges” might be threatened, makes me feel that they have lost their way to a large degree.
    Woman hating is also quite common in the forums that deal with incel and love shy men, or men who struggle to find love. It is distressing to me when I read of a man being chastised for “placing a woman on a pedestal” because he says he loves her, listens to her, treats her well, and prefers her over other women. (What a beta loser!) Where did we go wrong?
    I can make the same case for virtually every other site that deals with issues between men and women, whether it is the desire to leave the “femisphere” to find women overseas or to return to a stable patriarchy. MRA and MGTOW sites as well. It all seems to lead to a low opinion of women, which makes life so much less appealing and feels unrealistic to me.
    But reading your blog, with its lack of a dogmatic ideology, and a wealth of self questioning, including your acknowledgment of changing your own ideas when confronted with new truths or thoughts, has been like a breath of fresh air to someone like me.
    I wondered why I was enjoying it so much as I read through the pages, and it hit me all at once. It is very human. It feels like an attempt at honest understanding in a human way, and I didn’t feel as if it were required of me to develop a low opinion of anybody. I felt a strange hope for the possibility of men and women coming together to some degree, and I welcomed back my general good feeling toward women that usually seems more truthful to me.
    I’m sure many women have their own opinion on all this, but this is just the opinion of one man. Thanks for a great blog, and for restoring a little faith. It is appreciated.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      I’m glad my blog does something positive. I think we’d all be happier if we didn’t see the world as completely shitty. There are bad things in it, yes, but there are also things in it we can enjoy.
      Those guys who express hate towards women appear to be those who have been burned, divorce raped, etc., so I don’t feel like adressing it and making a big deal about it. I feel many of them wouldn’t be so mad if they met nice women who didn’t want to take something from them or laugh at their problems.
      I think when reading highly negative blogs, we must remember not to get sucked into OTHER people’s mind. Accepting facts is good, accepting other people’s pain/hate like your own… no. Only understanding/sympathising. The ‘sphere can suck you in, but it’s bad for you to let it.

      • Oh and Part Two: Don’t get confused with the good and worthy-of-respect beta man and the kind of guy who complains about being in the Friendzone. The very fact he uses that term means he isnt a nice guy and certainly isnt a friend. He’s just trying to manipulate women in a different way. Of course he gets both despised and not laid, because he is only an ‘alpha’ without the nerve to be a dick. That’s all. That’s why he finds himself out in the cold, because his sympathy is so transparently insincere. He does indeed get used as a shoulder to cry on because is isn’t worth anything else! He doesn’t care about the weeping girl! He isn’t listening! He’s just thinking “If I put my arm around her, can I cop a feel?” He is a twat of the first water and usually got a horrid limp creepy way about him. Girls will sometimes be letting out all their feelings and sneak a peek at him in the mirror and see he is staring into space…and its the Friendzone for you, mate, because you are a twat. No nerve, no friend, no nothing. Serve you right.
        Be a dick or be a real pal. Dont pretend. It is stone disrespectful and for the younger girls it is hurtful too. It’s horrid for them to be misused by a guy and then turn to another only to have him try and shove his hand up your skirt too. I remember it well and I know I hated that Friendzone guy worse and they didnt even have that term then. Plus ca chose…

    • Do remember that women want to sow wild oats too. If they have casual sex with those so-called ‘alpha’ guys (hope you notice ‘alpha’ is becoming a term of abuse, a synonym for ‘dickhead’) it is just that, casual. They go with the guys who are rude, etc, because there is no chance of falling in love with them. The ruder and more ‘alpha’ acting they are, the better, since there is so much less chance of making a mistake, falling for and even marrying one and getting years, maybe, of misery, oppression, being treated like an infant or a prisoner, given an allowance, persecuted for gaining even 10 pounds…all the things these creatures demand. This is why women choose the worst guys to fuck…not because we like them! We detest, despise and will discard them! They are a vibrator with a pulse, that’s all. They are generally very boring, and appallingly sexist and totally entitled. They dont even have the good manners of the old time sexist which make up for a lot.

      You cannot call them “Men’. The definition, the very definition, I stress, of a Man is “He Who Takes Care Of Others”.

      That doesn’t mean, and up til the 19th century, never did mean, keeping a woman as you keep a child. It doesnt mean paying the bills. It means, taking care of her heart, her trust, her body. It means, if she is burned in a fire or disfigured by cancer, he doesn’t take a powder and flee in the wind. It means, he avoids hurting her feelings by openly ogling other girls (my ex told me a sad story about his previous girlfriend, about how was ogling girls and she got upset: “Why do you mind? You know how much I love you and want you, too!” “Because,” she replied, “you never ogle girls who look like me”.) He doesn’t shame her or humiliate her, he is supportive and he practices give and take. He isn’t a doormat either: that’s what give and take is all about. But it takes work and effort and compromise and intelligence. And above all, respect.

      So if all you want is to get laid, be an ‘alpha’ by all means. Be a dick. Yes, you’ll get laid and then you’ll get discarded. You’ll get very few return matches and the ones you do get will be from broken damaged women with serious daddy issues, looking to be bossed about because it is all they think they are worth. However, if you practise to be good at sex (and for God’s sake, don’t do it like a porn video!! No cum shots to the face without asking first! It really hurts the eyes! No pile-driving! It really hurts the cervix! No stupid “do you love it, baby” stuff! It’s really embarrassing! Get an older lass or a hooker to show you how it’s done!) then you will get lots of return matches and you then can be a well-laid dick to your heart’s content.
      But I advise…do this away from your home-town milieu and well away from women you could actually wish to marry. This kind of behaviour marks your card. Always remember girls talk. The alpha dick is only for using and throwing away. if you want to marry or just find love, dont be this way, or do it in secret. Develop an alter ego and drive 20 miles away and let him out to play. He’s your inner dickhead.

      Why we don’t go home with the so-called betas is because we want such men to respect us, because they are the ones we respect. They are the ones to sire the children and they are the ones worthy of love. Of course there are nasty gold-digging women but the average decent female isn’t like this, doesn’t care if the man is rich or not, doesn’t respond to ‘attraction triggers’ and all that. When a guy starts waving around his Rolex, it’s just Alpha alert, here’s a dick, no respect.

      I really dont understand why nice guys dont make more use of hookers. These are professional women whose very job is sex! Many are well-educated, beautiful and will happily play the girlfriend role if you want to show off to other dicks and hear them make adolescent noises. No-one has to know! Get the best of all possible worlds, fellows and take your time and find your soul-mate, because she is out there.

  2. Ruxman says:

    You have a knack for the science of the ‘about me’ page.

  3. Frank says:

    I’ve never been much of a blog follower but something about your posts I just really enjoy. I think it’s just a level of smart discourse that lacks the ANGER and finger pointing that a lot of feminist/MRA blogs and sites use in droves.

    I’m not sure of your age but it seems like a lot of the angry blogs (tumblr certainly) are composed of young angry college/university aged students (under 25) who just don’t have the life experience, while the finger pointers seem to be much older people who have been hurt and internalised this anger and made it the sole focus of their life! It’d be nice if people stopped hating people for being different. Seriously, if being around people like you makes you happy, just find people like you! (I don’t mean that in a racist way lol)

    Anyways, Keep on being awesome!

    • emmatheemo says:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂 Unfortunately, someone got on my nerves lately, and forced me to express anger and finger pointing. But rest assured, it’s not the norm here.

  4. tyciol says:

    Hey Emma please get in on this “Honey Badger Radio” thing. The MRA harem must grow!

  5. Hi Emma,

    I just randomly came across your blog, and I’m happy to be following. I was sold the second I saw your horror movie mention. I did a silly post a few weeks ago about The Human Centipede films, and it’s great to meet someone else who appreciates their trashariffic appeal!


  6. Anja Eriud says:

    Hi emma,

    I’ve just taken a quick look through your blog and you have an interesting and unique perspective. I look forward to reading much more.

    Thank you for the “follow” – allow me to return the favour.


    • emmatheemo says:

      Interesting. Considering how much she talks about rape culture, misogyny in Canada and likely other similar stuff, I would guess her collegues had little respect for her, even if they didn’t want to bully her or let her know what they really thought of her. I noticed being a victim as a way of life makes people tease you more, even if they still work with you.

      On the other hand, perhaps they DID have respect for her, and simply discussed her as they would any other person, with the added fact that she’s female and they are attracted to her. Women often discuss men they had sex with, or want to have sex with, in relatively crude words, but they never see their private conversations as misandric or offensive. But when they hear guys speak that way of women, they get offended.

      And of course, her reaction is not simply being offended, but to frame it as misogynist and threatening. That’s, as you say, in vogue for feminists right now. The personal is political, and all that.

      • MarcusD says:

        Thanks for that. I guess it is a matter of “criticism of women = sexism” versus “criticism of men = criticism of men.” Selectiveness in general (or rather, forcing reality into the box of feminist ideology, in which it does not properly fit (and involving the practice of ‘cutting off’ [that is, ignoring] things that don’t allow it to fit)).

  7. Emma, are there any podcast that you recommend? I have trouble finding them that fit my age. (I’m in my mid-40s.)

    • emmatheemo says:

      Well, it depends on what you are interested in 🙂 What are you looking for exactly? I’m not much into podcasts, so I don’t know them well, but I know a few.

      • I am interested in dating, relationships, & men’s rights. Also blogging and writing. But much of manosphere is devoted to people in their 20s, which is a phase of life that is long gone for me.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Hmm… Where do you find podcasts anyway? Maybe I should give them a go. The only one I really like so far is the one on the Danger&Play site. Yeah, it’s for men, but has some really inspiring entries and I like that 🙂

      • I found Danger & Play last night. I’ll check it out today. Thanks!

      • re: Where to find podcasts: I prefer an app called iCatcher. Then there is good ole iTunes. But it seems many podcasts on blogtalk and soundhound do not bother to submit their feeds to iTunes (ironic, right? — PODcast not available for iPods!) So, for example, I can’t find the feed for this Christian McQueen show.

  8. I like you. I like you a lot.
    Your mindset, your thought process, the topics you cover and the reasons why. I like them, and you.
    We need more blogs and bloggers like you.
    Your art is special, and your understanding of weight gain as a feminine enhancer is awesome (something I truly agree with).

    I would be proud to have you visit my site, guest blog or whatever.


  9. Arkenaten says:

    Thank you for popping over to The Ark’s spot, Emma.
    These drawings are yours? If so, I think you are a very talented artist. Impressive.

  10. Robert Stark says:

    Hello, I am interested in interviewing you on my radio podcast. Let me know if you are open to a radio interview.

  11. Robert Stark says:

    I prefer by phone since the sound quality on Skype is often lousy. Send me an email to robert.stark@live.com.

  12. Andrew says:

    Your blog looks interesting. I found it from Arkenaten’s blogroll.
    Here is an anti-feminist blog I read a lot: https://insanitybytes2.wordpress.com/
    Hope you can visit sometime.

  13. Roman Artsev says:

    32 m virgin los angeles kik: zsasza

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