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Why is “loving yourself” necessary?

I noticed a lot of “acceptance” blogs emphasize “loving yourself”. For a long time, I felt it was an odd phrase and couldn’t say it applied to myself. Yet I don’t feel any self-hate… Why must I “love” myself? It … Continue reading

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The Contradictory SMV of the Older Man

Do men in their 30s have higher SMV than men in their 20s, or do they not? As an average-looking woman, I noticed I get way more attention from older men, than men my age. It’s been like this since … Continue reading

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I Have My Own Style Blog

I wanted to start my own style blog, filled with photos of my clothes, my paperdolls, my embarrassing teenage fashion choices, stuff that inspires me and stuff I hate. The reason for this is that student life gradually ruined my … Continue reading

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Jolie Laide: When She’s Both a Beauty and a Beast

Jolie laide is a French expression, directly translated as “beautiful ugly”, and is used to describe someone who is unconventionally attractive. Not everyone who’s called jolie laide is impressive to me, but I have my personal favorites. Unlike my “Most … Continue reading

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Most Beautiful Women Ever (A List)

Nobody wants to know, but I will now present the women who have impressed me with their beauty the most. I’m only taking into account the outward beauty. Here they are, in no particular order. 1.Brigitte Bardot. Needs no introduction. … Continue reading

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I Hate Overdone Photoshopped Celebrity Images

There is something very anti-beauty about photos where a beautiful female celebrity is wearing tons of makeup and is photoshopped to death. I have seen this several times on magazine covers, and my reaction is momentarily “Who the heck is … Continue reading

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Potential Reason Why Men Being Attracted to 12 Year Old Girls is Normal

Where does men’s physical attraction to women come from? How did it evolve? In the ‘sphere, we generally agree that men are programmed to be aroused by signs of fertility. So it would be natural to be attracted to women … Continue reading

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