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Why is “loving yourself” necessary?

I noticed a lot of “acceptance” blogs emphasize “loving yourself”. For a long time, I felt it was an odd phrase and couldn’t say it applied to myself. Yet I don’t feel any self-hate… Why must I “love” myself? It … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Unfuckability of Fat Girls

Sometimes, feminists stumble upon the truth. Sometimes this truth is something even the manosphere denies. 1. “I remember the exact moment that the concept of someone finding me attractive became even a remote possibility. I was 20 years old (TWENTY), … Continue reading

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My Views on Fat Acceptance and Fat Shaming

First, some background info on my personal tastes and habits. I like fat men and women. They are hot and I want to accumulate more fat myself. You’d think I’m bragging, but it’s harder to gain weight than you think. … Continue reading

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Men Will Love You Because of Your Looks, Even if You’re Ugly.

Modern American feminists want to get rid of the “impossible beauty standards” and be loved for themselves, not for their looks. They don’t want to shave their legs, keep their hair long, wear makeup (or not wear their makeup, if … Continue reading

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Male Apex Fallacy?

The manosphere guys seem to believe two ideas: 1)      ”Men are at least somewhat attracted to 70-80% of all women ” 2)      “Women over 40-50 and fat women are sexually obsolete” Considering birth rates are falling, and there are more … Continue reading

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Fat acceptance: bad or good?

Ok, first of all, I’m kinda for fat acceptance. If someone chooses to be fat, it’s their choice, everyone can  f*ck off. A person can also choose to tattoo themselves all over, have a hundred piercings in their face, be … Continue reading

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I got fat YAY

Well, not fat, but here it is, got to 56,5, seems I look better now, compared to 51 in the post “Being thin sucks”.

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