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Politics Make Us All Into Humorless Killjoys Who Can’t Enjoy a Movie

It’s annoying when a feminist sees a movie and calls it misogynist because some character said something that her paranoid mind interpreted as her favorite type of oppression. It’s not any cuter coming from the opposite political side. If politics … Continue reading

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Rape is not merely “sex without consent”

I was recently told by someone who is against feminism that this video shows real rape. I want to explain why it’s false. 1.Rape is not merely “sex without consent”. It is surprising to me that someone who is against … Continue reading

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Link time!

1. What Social Science Studies Should We Trust? One study says feminists have better relationships, another says men who do chores have less sex. Whom to believe? Find out here: And in general, I’m obviously not the only one … Continue reading

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Are Manosphere Women like Male Modern Feminists?

How similar are they? It’s hard for me to tell, as I’ve only been inside one of the movements/blogospheres. But for what it’s worth, here’s my experience. Manosphere hates male feminists even more than they hate the female ones. Online … Continue reading

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No Group is Perfect

As most of you know, Sunshine Mary, L. G. Robins and Lena S. had some kind of fight, Matt Forney got into it and proclaimed the death of the manosphere. But I don’t wish to talk about the specifics of … Continue reading

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Something to Think About Before Using Feminist Tactics Against Them

“It’s tempting to think that you can defeat this sort of thing by turning the tables on the feminists and using the law against them. That strategy, however, will never work. All you would accomplish is to give credence to … Continue reading

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Why I Think MHRAs’ Obsession with Female Rapists is Futile and Dangerous for Men

Some MRA groups are really into blowing the female rapist idea up, but I have many common sense arguments for why this might be futile as a weapon against feminism, and can even do more harm to men. 1)Feminists actually … Continue reading

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