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The Contradictory SMV of the Older Man

Do men in their 30s have higher SMV than men in their 20s, or do they not? As an average-looking woman, I noticed I get way more attention from older men, than men my age. It’s been like this since … Continue reading

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You Have To Learn To Cope With Choice And Freedom

Recently, Roosh wrote this : “People Should Not Be Allowed Unlimited Personal Freedom Most Americans, if you give them freedom and a life without restrictions, will almost certainly dive head-first into a life of absolute degeneracy and vice. They will … Continue reading

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Why does saying sex is a need make sex a “chore”?

1.A quote from a forum where dead bedrooms are discussed: “When something I enjoy starts becoming an obligation, I tend to start not wanting to do it anymore. I love swimming but if someone told me I MUST swim … Continue reading

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The Godfather Series: How to Keep Loyalty in Marriage (SPOILERS)

I think Don Vito Corleone and Carmela Corleone are the cutest couple in the movie series. And that is despite the fact that not much attention is drawn to their relationship, and despite Carmela’s character being in the background much … Continue reading

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”She Lacks Reading Comprehension Skills”, or Schemas and Motivations as Obstacles to Perception

Recently I have caught the attention of the BluePill subreddit. What they wrote made me think. I noticed they often commented on how I “lack reading comprehension skills”, but they excuse me because English is not my first language. That’s … Continue reading

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