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The Contradictory SMV of the Older Man

Do men in their 30s have higher SMV than men in their 20s, or do they not? As an average-looking woman, I noticed I get way more attention from older men, than men my age. It’s been like this since … Continue reading

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What sex would you want to be born as?

The title speaks for itself. If you could choose, would you choose to be born as the other sex, or as the one you are now? Ever thought about what you’d be like as the opposite sex? I would prefer … Continue reading

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Poor, Misunderstood Dread Game

Each time a woman knows her man has other options (be it other women, friends or some hobby), it’s unintentional dread game. Each time she knows he will not tolerate bullshit if she chooses to throw some his way, it’s … Continue reading

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Why does saying sex is a need make sex a “chore”?

1.A quote from a forum where dead bedrooms are discussed: “When something I enjoy starts becoming an obligation, I tend to start not wanting to do it anymore. I love swimming but if someone told me I MUST swim … Continue reading

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What Fifty Shades of Grey is Really About (IMO)

I have read two books out of three, “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Fifty Shades Darker”. They were not particularly exciting or arousing for me, but I had to know what the fuss was all about. Now I have formed … Continue reading

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Western Men vs Russian Men

Recently I was watching those extreme makeover shows, where they take a tired old woman and make her look like a youthful fresh woman. I was surprised by certain differences between the English-speaking (Australian, British, American..) versions and the Russian … Continue reading

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Do Girls Give Up Easier?

When I read this article ( ) I started wondering if girls really give up easier when faced with a challenge (and if so, why). Well, reading psychology textbooks has paid off and I’ve found a potential answer. There are … Continue reading

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