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Politics Make Us All Into Humorless Killjoys Who Can’t Enjoy a Movie

It’s annoying when a feminist sees a movie and calls it misogynist because some character said something that her paranoid mind interpreted as her favorite type of oppression. It’s not any cuter coming from the opposite political side. If politics … Continue reading

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How To Write Female Characters That Please Feminists

Looks like Joss Whedon was punished for not writing Black Widow in the way that feminists would approve of. When it comes to writing female characters, the same rules apply as when writing male characters. It’s not extra hard. A … Continue reading

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Murder is Ok, but Threatening Rape or Calling a Lady a ”Quim” is Simply Going Too Far.

I decided to dive deeper into the Avengers/Thor fandom, partly because I like the movies, partly out of nostalgia (I used to read a lot of fanfics), partly because I’m writing a superhero comic and want to find out more … Continue reading

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