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Atlas Shrugged: Can People Like James Taggart Exist?

James Taggart is one of the most fun characters to read about. The heroes are great and interesting, but at times, they seem a bit too infallible and characters like James are a nice change of scenery. He’s a villain … Continue reading

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How To Write Female Characters That Please Feminists

Looks like Joss Whedon was punished for not writing Black Widow in the way that feminists would approve of. When it comes to writing female characters, the same rules apply as when writing male characters. It’s not extra hard. A … Continue reading

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Why are masculine traits so annoying in a woman?

Masculine traits don’t have to be annoying in a woman, but they often are. I noticed a tendency among some girl friends and myself to find female movie/literature/game characters profoundly annoying if they are masculine and have these “tough girl” … Continue reading

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