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“OK, You didn’t rape her, but this still left us with an unpleasant impression of you”

Once it was clear that the UVA gang rape story had no basis in reality, President Teresa A. Sullivan promised to lift the ban on Greek life activities, if fraternities signed a new contract with the school that is designed … Continue reading

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Rape is not merely “sex without consent”

I was recently told by someone who is against feminism that this video shows real rape. I want to explain why it’s false. 1.Rape is not merely “sex without consent”. It is surprising to me that someone who is against … Continue reading

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A Link Between Sex-Negative Culture and the Number of Sex Offenders?

“I started my career as a child psychologist. The development perspective today still lies at the bottom. My claim is that kids require a relational and sexual development that doesn’t lead to them turning into sex offenders. Today, we know … Continue reading

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Man says Two Women Raped Him – Hoax or Not? Either Way He’s a Feminist Promoting a Ridiculous Definition of Rape

About a month ago, one Norwegian newspaper wrote about an anonymous person who claimed to have been raped by two women. Eivind Berge wrote about it, saying it’s most likely a feminist sock-puppet, not a real 19 year old man … Continue reading

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Why I Think MHRAs’ Obsession with Female Rapists is Futile and Dangerous for Men

Some MRA groups are really into blowing the female rapist idea up, but I have many common sense arguments for why this might be futile as a weapon against feminism, and can even do more harm to men. 1)Feminists actually … Continue reading

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Actually, sharia law for rape is not so bad…

…compared to the Norwegian rape law. Both Marte Davelv and the man accused of rape were sentenced to jail for sex outside of marriage, and consuming alcohol. Now, both were pardoned and let free. I’m not for jailing people for … Continue reading

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Does Norwegian feminism give women a false sense of security? Case of Marte Dalelv

This post will not be about how outrageous and backwards the laws in United Arab Emirates are. Sure, arresting someone for sex outside marriage is unlibertarian. However, this part of discussion is well covered by pretty much any newspaper in … Continue reading

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