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”She Lacks Reading Comprehension Skills”, or Schemas and Motivations as Obstacles to Perception

Recently I have caught the attention of the BluePill subreddit. What they wrote made me think. I noticed they often commented on how I “lack reading comprehension skills”, but they excuse me because English is not my first language. That’s … Continue reading

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No Group is Perfect

As most of you know, Sunshine Mary, L. G. Robins and Lena S. had some kind of fight, Matt Forney got into it and proclaimed the death of the manosphere. But I don’t wish to talk about the specifics of … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Red Pill Isolation

I read this article: http://apocalypsecometh.com/red-pill-isolation/ . It speaks of something I suspect a lot of people from the manosphere could relate to: “There’s a common misconception in our little corner of the webz. That exposing yourself to the truth, essentially … Continue reading

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Do Men Like Physically Frail Women? I Doubt it.

Lately, the case for female vulnerability and weakness was made (http://mattforney.com/2013/09/16/the-case-against-female-self-esteem/ ). The “weak women are hot” thing in general seems to be relatively popular. Some people would even say that women have a hard time staying attracted and loyal … Continue reading

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LaidNYC , Unbiased Jerks, and Funny Manboobz Comments

Manosphere has a new rising star – LaidNYC (http://laidnyc.wordpress.com/ ). He’s famous for saying things like: “In fact, Facebook shows that when women peak is even younger than anyone blogging under their real name would care to admit.  Common red … Continue reading

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Memento mori

”Men just date younger women because they want to avoid their own mortality”. This is a shaming technique. Yet when reading blogs around the ‘sphere, I can’t help but see there is a tiny bit of truth in it. During … Continue reading

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Don’t listen to what men say, look at what they do

The engagement of bitter anti-marriage commenter Mark Minter and sweet commenter Kate reminded me of something I observed for a long time. The rule of “Don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do” does not apply solely … Continue reading

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