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Atlas Shrugged: Dagny Shot First

There is one scene in the book that many people hate. It makes Dagny look like a cold-blooded killer to them. I was looking forward to reading it and judging Dagny’s actions for myself. John Galt is captured and is … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged: John Galt Didn’t Murder the World

Did anyone else notice that John Galt didn’t cause the world to collapse? He says that he turned off the motor of the world, but I find it ironically not quite true. There is a great scene in the book, … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged: The Speech and Its Core Message

I’ve finally finished reading the infamous John Galt speech 😀 My impression is that I generally agree with him, apart from a few points. He focuses on having a healthy sense of selfishness, and always using your mind. He also … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged: Why Are All the Main Characters Rich and Powerful?

I think a lot of critics don’t like that the main characters in Atlas Shrugged are all rich, powerful, and have fancy titles. I think the reason why the main characters had to be wealthy and powerful is in the … Continue reading

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”She Lacks Reading Comprehension Skills”, or Schemas and Motivations as Obstacles to Perception

Recently I have caught the attention of the BluePill subreddit. What they wrote made me think. I noticed they often commented on how I “lack reading comprehension skills”, but they excuse me because English is not my first language. That’s … Continue reading

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The Circular Pursuit of Happiness

How is happiness achieved? Method 1: Hedonism Doing what you like, enjoying life, maximizing pleasure. According to the hedonistic principle , that’s what we’re fundamentally motivated by – avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. And in many people’s imagination, that is … Continue reading

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Pity: its Bad and Good Sides

How do you personally feel about being pitied? I prefer it over being hated so much I’m about to be murdered. Yes. As long as you don’t pity me so much you wish to interfere with my life against my … Continue reading

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