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Atlas Shrugged: Preferences Are Not Just Preferences

This is my first post where I will criticize something in Atlas Shrugged. That something is Rand’s views on people’s sexual and artistic tastes. I think Rand believes people’s morals and thoughts cause people’s tastes. A person who thinks and … Continue reading

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Virginity Loss Story

LaidNYC recently announced the Virginity Stories Week http://laidnyc.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/virginity-stories-week-a-call-to-action/  and would like his readers to post a fun story about how they lost their virginity. It seems only guys posted any stories so far, but it’s open to girls too, so … Continue reading

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Pressure to have casual sex

It came to me from several sources. Boys When I was 15, a guy of the same age liked me, and asked for sex. I liked him back, but wasn’t ready for that. I was very conflicted, and it hurt … Continue reading

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Shamed yet Celebrated vs Celebrated yet Shamed

Feminists and MRAs often disagree on what the mainstream culture really celebrates, and what it looks down on. I have looked at MRA sites and feminist sites and books. Feminists say that sluts are shamed, and the sexual double standards … Continue reading

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