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Atlas Shrugged: Dagny Shot First

There is one scene in the book that many people hate. It makes Dagny look like a cold-blooded killer to them. I was looking forward to reading it and judging Dagny’s actions for myself. John Galt is captured and is … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged: Preferences Are Not Just Preferences

This is my first post where I will criticize something in Atlas Shrugged. That something is Rand’s views on people’s sexual and artistic tastes. I think Rand believes people’s morals and thoughts cause people’s tastes. A person who thinks and … Continue reading

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Why is “loving yourself” necessary?

I noticed a lot of “acceptance” blogs emphasize “loving yourself”. For a long time, I felt it was an odd phrase and couldn’t say it applied to myself. Yet I don’t feel any self-hate… Why must I “love” myself? It … Continue reading

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Is Jealousy Really a Negative Emotion?

When I was a kid, I stumbled upon the realization that jealousy feels good. I couldn’t understand why everyone was saying it’s a negative emotion. I was always into self-improvement and setting up high goals for myself, so seeing someone … Continue reading

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The Nice Guy is the Most Mysterious Man

I noticed how both me and a few other women stumbled upon the same thoughts regarding those nice, sweet, romantic guys who give compliments, gifts and other stuff during the “get to know you” phase of the relationship. They are … Continue reading

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I Disagree With People Who are Defending the Torturers

I noticed that many people are defending torturers and think they did the right thing. Some of those defenders are from the military and use their jobs to justify the practice of torture. The argument is either that 1)Their jobs … Continue reading

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Do Girls Give Up Easier?

When I read this article (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-science-success/201101/the-trouble-bright-girls ) I started wondering if girls really give up easier when faced with a challenge (and if so, why). Well, reading psychology textbooks has paid off and I’ve found a potential answer. There are … Continue reading

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