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Atlas Shrugged: Dagny Shot First

There is one scene in the book that many people hate. It makes Dagny look like a cold-blooded killer to them. I was looking forward to reading it and judging Dagny’s actions for myself. John Galt is captured and is … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged: Should We Condemn Hank Rearden for Cheating on His Wife?

I’ve finally started reading Atlas Shrugged. The following posts will be about Atlas Shrugged. I find some people give the book criticism I don’t agree with, and that is part of why I want to express my thoughts. The first … Continue reading

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What Fifty Shades of Grey is Really About (IMO)

I have read two books out of three, “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Fifty Shades Darker”. They were not particularly exciting or arousing for me, but I had to know what the fuss was all about. Now I have formed … Continue reading

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There Is No Man That Can Shield You From the World

One red pill rule is that a man can’t be vulnerable in front of a woman, without lessening her love for him. It might be a gradual lessening, but it will happen. Here is what Morpheus from Just Four Guys … Continue reading

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The Godfather Series: How to Keep Loyalty in Marriage (SPOILERS)

I think Don Vito Corleone and Carmela Corleone are the cutest couple in the movie series. And that is despite the fact that not much attention is drawn to their relationship, and despite Carmela’s character being in the background much … Continue reading

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Women Have No Honor

There are lots of things I learned from the Red Pill subreddit, and women’s lack of honor is one of them. In this post, I will discuss what honor is and who has it. The Red Pill Views On Why … Continue reading

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Do Men Like Physically Frail Women? I Doubt it.

Lately, the case for female vulnerability and weakness was made (http://mattforney.com/2013/09/16/the-case-against-female-self-esteem/ ). The “weak women are hot” thing in general seems to be relatively popular. Some people would even say that women have a hard time staying attracted and loyal … Continue reading

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