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Why is “loving yourself” necessary?

I noticed a lot of “acceptance” blogs emphasize “loving yourself”. For a long time, I felt it was an odd phrase and couldn’t say it applied to myself. Yet I don’t feel any self-hate… Why must I “love” myself? It … Continue reading

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My Awesome Granpa

I had one awesome granpa. While my other grandparents were good and talented in their own way, Dmitri Petrovich was the one that stood out as a role model to me. When I tell you about him, you will see … Continue reading

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Women Have No Honor

There are lots of things I learned from the Red Pill subreddit, and women’s lack of honor is one of them. In this post, I will discuss what honor is and who has it. The Red Pill Views On Why … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Red Pill Isolation

I read this article: http://apocalypsecometh.com/red-pill-isolation/ . It speaks of something I suspect a lot of people from the manosphere could relate to: “There’s a common misconception in our little corner of the webz. That exposing yourself to the truth, essentially … Continue reading

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Don’t Insist

I respect you if you are religious, but don’t want people to call my worldview a “religion”. It implies I believe without evidence, and I do not. Please don’t ask me to say faith is scientific.   I respect you … Continue reading

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LaidNYC , Unbiased Jerks, and Funny Manboobz Comments

Manosphere has a new rising star – LaidNYC (http://laidnyc.wordpress.com/ ). He’s famous for saying things like: “In fact, Facebook shows that when women peak is even younger than anyone blogging under their real name would care to admit.  Common red … Continue reading

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Why do men strive so hard for success?

Recently I read a book (“Why Men Rule”, by S. Goldberg) which attempts to explain why men always occupy most of the high status positions in society. The answer was simple – because men are more strongly motivated to achieve … Continue reading

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