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Atlas Shrugged: The Speech and Its Core Message

I’ve finally finished reading the infamous John Galt speech 😀 My impression is that I generally agree with him, apart from a few points. He focuses on having a healthy sense of selfishness, and always using your mind. He also … Continue reading

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Why is “loving yourself” necessary?

I noticed a lot of “acceptance” blogs emphasize “loving yourself”. For a long time, I felt it was an odd phrase and couldn’t say it applied to myself. Yet I don’t feel any self-hate… Why must I “love” myself? It … Continue reading

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Don’t Praise Your Daughter for Being Intelligent

… or your son, for that matter. When I was a kid, my parents and teachers used to say I was smart. “You’ll win a Nobel prize one day”. “You’re so smart there is no way you’d fail at any … Continue reading

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The Circular Pursuit of Happiness

How is happiness achieved? Method 1: Hedonism Doing what you like, enjoying life, maximizing pleasure. According to the hedonistic principle , that’s what we’re fundamentally motivated by – avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. And in many people’s imagination, that is … Continue reading

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Only girls with low self-esteem fall for game? + some Shakespeare

Some say girls who fall for game, with all its teasing, negs and dismissive treatment, just have “low self-esteem”. I think people who say that got it completely backwards. An insecure, low self-esteem woman will have a very low tolerance … Continue reading

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