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Atlas Shrugged: John Galt Didn’t Murder the World

Did anyone else notice that John Galt didn’t cause the world to collapse? He says that he turned off the motor of the world, but I find it ironically not quite true. There is a great scene in the book, … Continue reading

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Do we need to apologize for our sexuality?

I recently had a conversation with another blogger. He called female sexual psychology maladaptive, and said women would be happier with male sexuality. I was asked why I wish to let women’s nature be as it is. What I said … Continue reading

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Does Misogyny or Misandry Exist on a Large Scale, or Understanding your Enemy’s Motivations

Feminists talk about misogyny, and how it’s the source of many things, among those rape and words like “mangina” . MRAs talk about misandry, and how feminism is a movement of hate against men. GirlWritesWhat talked about this topic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUMifHT1AwYContinue reading

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The Fountainhead: Putting yourself first really does make you a better person.

I just read about half of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”, because some people were strongly recommending it and made me read it. I also watched the movie made from it. It seems the moral of the story is that you … Continue reading

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