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Atlas Shrugged: Preferences Are Not Just Preferences

This is my first post where I will criticize something in Atlas Shrugged. That something is Rand’s views on people’s sexual and artistic tastes. I think Rand believes people’s morals and thoughts cause people’s tastes. A person who thinks and … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged: Should We Condemn Hank Rearden for Cheating on His Wife?

I’ve finally started reading Atlas Shrugged. The following posts will be about Atlas Shrugged. I find some people give the book criticism I don’t agree with, and that is part of why I want to express my thoughts. The first … Continue reading

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A Link Between Sex-Negative Culture and the Number of Sex Offenders?

“I started my career as a child psychologist. The development perspective today still lies at the bottom. My claim is that kids require a relational and sexual development that doesn’t lead to them turning into sex offenders. Today, we know … Continue reading

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