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Atlas Shrugged: Preferences Are Not Just Preferences

This is my first post where I will criticize something in Atlas Shrugged. That something is Rand’s views on people’s sexual and artistic tastes. I think Rand believes people’s morals and thoughts cause people’s tastes. A person who thinks and … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Red Pill Isolation

I read this article: http://apocalypsecometh.com/red-pill-isolation/ . It speaks of something I suspect a lot of people from the manosphere could relate to: “There’s a common misconception in our little corner of the webz. That exposing yourself to the truth, essentially … Continue reading

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Why I used to cut myself

In the past, I used to cut myself. It started when I was perhaps 12 years old, and found that people I looked up to the most (badass movie characters) had scars. Scars made it look like you’ve been in … Continue reading

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The Fountainhead: Putting yourself first really does make you a better person.

I just read about half of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”, because some people were strongly recommending it and made me read it. I also watched the movie made from it. It seems the moral of the story is that you … Continue reading

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